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Non Scale Daizengar / Dygenguar Review

The Sword that Smites evil is finally here!

 It has been a while since i build any Plamo because last month i was near the end of my term and i am very busy with my study as well. I started to build this kit 2 days ago and it was a pretty fun build. It was unexpected that this kit does not require too much paint job unlike the normal SRW kits probably due to being a Super Robot so it has less details compared to Real Robot like Alteisen. I just painted the gold parts and the Zankantou(or Colossal Blade in the translated game) since the color was so dull and the Zankantou looks really awesome after given a paint job. In this review i will call the mecha Daizengar since this is the original name of the mecha which literally means "Great Zengar" which is named by Zengar himself just after getting the mecha.

The pilot of Daizengar is Zengar Zonvolt, former EFA Soldier, really adept in swordmanship and a mentor of Kyosuke Nanbu. He was one of the former member of Agressor , an elite group of EFA soldier which was disbanded due to some accident. During the Divine Crusader war, he defect to Divine Crusader under convince of his Best Friend Elzam who was a former Agressor as well and fight Kyosuke on several occassion though eventually joins back temporarily to fight against the Aerogaters. His first mecha is Grungust Type 0 then Grungust type 3 and finally Daizengar.

Based on the look, Daizengar is Samurai-esque which match characteristic of Zengar. in the game Daizengar is arguably the strongest mecha in SRW OG2 in terms of Status and this Mecha has the access of the strongest combination attack in the game.

In terms of Articulation this kit also suffer the same problem with other SRW kit . I managed to remove some of the nubs by Sanding but kotobukiya kits seems to be harder to remove the nubs probably due to the plastic quality so you will see some noticable nubs in the pictures of this review.

Daizengar is one of the DGG(stands for Dynamic General Guardian) with code name DGG-1, 4 secret mechas that are built by DR Bian Zoldark during DC war who is the leader of Divine Crusader. He built theses DGGs as a countermeasure should another alien invasion happen again. Along with DGG2 this mecha was hid in Tesla Leicht Institute until Zengar retrieves it. Zengar used Daizengar when his Grungust 3 is disabled by Vigagi in Galgau and His friend Elzam brought this mecha to him. In the end Zengar managed to repel Vigagi and used this mecha until the rest of SRW OG2

From this kit you get 2 Zankantou, the small one and the Full Size Zankantou. The Full Size Zankantou length for this kit is about 25 centimeter which didn't match the actual size of the Zankantou which is around 100 metre considering Daizengar full height is almost 60 metre. You don't get the Zankantou Daisharin version in this kit which are used to be thrown and you can find it in 1/144 Daizengar(really huge).

The Zankantou are usually in this form when Zengar not attacked with Melee, from this zankantou version Daizengar ale to shoot bolt of energy. This Zankantou actually from the Grungust type 3 since at the first launch the configuration of Daizengar was incomplete which left the weapon unusable and thus Zengar picked the Zankantou from the wreck of Grungust 3. Even with the original weapon unusable, Zengar is able to fight really well since he only need a sword to be a badass.

The weapon locked are the Boost Knuckle, General Blaster and the Zankantou(which is more curvy compared to type 3 if i remember correctly) . Just like the previous Grungust lineup Daizengar also equipped with the same armament but packs more punch. In the 1/144 Daizengar Kotobukiya actually provide those weapon gimmicks for it.

Surprizingly this kit able to hold the full Size Zankantou really well if the articulation was much better the action with the Zankantou would be really Awesome. In the remaining pics i will demonstrate the ultimate technique of Daizengar.

Waga wa Zengar Zonvolt! Aku Wo Tatsu Tsurugi nari!

Chou Hisatsu! Zankantou!
Waga no Zankantou ni Tateru mono nashi!!!

Overall this is pretty good SRW kit and probably better than the older one. This kit is the cheapest kit that come along with Zankantou since the rest are around 4800-5500 Yen. If you are a Daizengar fan it is recommendable to get this kit or possibly the 1/44 scale one considering it comes with LOTS of gimmick though the price is pretty painful.

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  1. This review might be 3 years old but I still find it very useful. This convinced me to get one. Although what I brought was a KO version and it's was very nice as well. It has chromed blades for both the Katana and Zankantou.