Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pacific Rim: Uprising Thoughts

 Got a ticket for the Premiere yesterday since my company helped to set up the Toy display booth at one of the Cinema in Jakarta. I was quite hyped with the second Pacific Rim since i liked the first movie but i kinda overhyped on this one. Overall the formula of the Pacific Rim Rising stays the same with the original with minor tweak here and there. however in the end it falls behind the First Movie. The main problem of the second movie falls on the supporting characters, Jaeger Design and battle scenes. While the Main Character is fine, using Teenager as Jaeger Pilots kinda tones down the seriousness of the series. The first movie had better Jaeger Design Overall and as usual in the second movie, Gipsy Family always got the main attention. My favorite Jaeger in Uprising would be Ajax November but unfortunately that one doesn't have much screen time. But what Pacific Rim Uprising did better than The first Movie is setting up the possibility for a Sequel though by this time i look forward more to an Animated series than a Movie since Movie format had too much restriction. So in the end Pacific Rim Uprising falls on mediocre side as it kinda waste much of its opportunities.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Starting Konosuba PS Vita VN

 Well Japanese PSN Got some sale on 5Pb titles and i used this opportunity to buy Konosuba Visual Novel which is like 50% off. With 3rd season of the series having a long way to go, the game provides some decent temporary relief. Since i had played couple of VNs in Japanese before, it is not that hard for me to read Konosuba since it falls on easier side for a Japanese VN though the readability is still around 60-70%. The premise of Konosuba VN is about Kazuma finding a cursed ring that makes him unconsciously steal girl's underwear and the shenanigans he do to gather enough money to undo the curse before the Heroines kill him. The story won't be anything special but the game is very good at fanservice as expected. Since i am a fan of Aqua, i will be aiming for her route on my first playthrough, hoping her ending would be worthwhile.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Small World Storage Solution

 Small World is one of the more colorful Boardgame out there as it is a territorial control game jam packed with assortments of Races competing to be the dominant ones. With its popularity, Small World got plenty of Expansions and thus the original box will not able to contain all of the components once you starting to collect expansions.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Figma 390 Jeanne Alter

 Well that was quite fast after Wonderfest, being one of the most popular servant in FGO does help after all! Jeanne Alter Figma will be released on September this year with a whopping price tag of 8000 yen. Jalter is the Avenger Class servant in the FGO which has been around for 2 years alrd on JP server and apparently she is the top waifu material with her tsundere personality. Jalter is going to appear soon on FGO NA server which made the release timing of her Figma aligned better somewhat with FGO NA server. Apparently the Shinjuku event is one of Jalter's brightest moment that boost her popularity rather significant which will be in a year available on NA Server. Despite her pricey price-tag, it is likely that i will get her for the sake of completion of my FGO set in Figma Lineup.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

MG 1/100 Gundam F91 2.0

 F91 is one of my favorite since it packs a punch despite being a small sized Mobile Suit. In a way it represents the epitome of efficiency in Gundam Design boasting great firepower while being staying fast. So it is a great news for me that Bandai is releasing 2.0 version of the MG which will be released on May this year with 4000 Yen Price tag. I had Harrison's F91 MG back then and while it is a good model kit, it is plagued with issues mainly related to its stiff internal frame which makes it easily break off if handled improperly. I think the 2.0 version of F91 will fix the issue one way or another and i had secured myself a copy. I still wonder why Bandai havent released the RG yet despite it is modestly popular model. In any case i will look forward when my copy arrived

Sunday, March 4, 2018

February 2018 Loot

 Last month got plenty of generous promotions in Tokopedia with Chinese New Year within the month. Since i got some pocket money, i went on quite crazy shopping spree around this time and bought stuffs off my wishlists. Saved myself around $100 through the generous promotion by Tokopedia which 8 out of 9 included Cashback Promotions. Through the shopping spree i got myself couple of rare stuffs whether it is Model Kit, Action Figure or Figurine.

Finally I bought myself Shinguji Sakura Figurine which is a must have as a Sakura Taisen Fan despite Sakura is not my favorite Heroine, As for Tieria Erde i decided to get her just because she is 50% off with further cashback some more. I also bought a second copy of VAH Rahxephon which i regretted not buying it earlier and hopefully i can get Raideen as well. For a long time already i also have been eyeing Kotobukiya's Black Sarena, because Sentinel's will definitely cost an arm and a leg despite looking promising. As i find SRC to be decent lineup to invest on, i decided to complete Big Order Room Set now as i got Hyoryu and Enryu, i still got two left and it is the hardest part to complete i would say. From GSC Product i got myself Nendoroid Estelle, Figma Caster and Parform Momohime. I think it is one of these days for me to complete Sora no Kiseki and Figma is probably the best lineup to invest for FGO despite they cost almost $100 nowadays.

I think it will be a while again before i am pulling off crazy shopping spree like this again but this time it is mostly too secure stuffs for my collection before they go out of market.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Jakarta Toys Fair 2018 Field Report

 This is the second time i came to this event, if last time i went here as visitor this year i work as a part of exhibitor. The experience participating an Event as visitor and exhibitor is quite a contrasting one. But this year's JTF is quite different with last year due to Tokopedia's participation in the event which shakes things up abit!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Yami's Winter Wonderfest 2018 Highlights

 When it is February, it is always a flood of temptations from the Winter Wonderfest! As for this year's i think there are less mecha stuffs that catches my attention since the new products are flooded more from non mecha series each year. So lets see which products that catches my attention!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Freeing 1/4 Kanzaki Sumire Bunny Ver Figure

 I never expect Sakura Taisen is getting more figures being a series forgotten by Japan. While it is not Kotobukiya 1/7 Figurine, this time Kanzaki Sumire from Teikoku Kagekidan is getting 1/4 Figure treatment by Freeing! The figure will be released around september this year with over 20000 Yen Price tag which is kinda expected for 1/4 scale. In Sakura Taisen, Sumire is the ojou-sama type of Heroine who appears to be haughty toward Ogami at first but kinda sweet girl when she opened up to him, in battle Sumire uses Koubu equipped with Naginata and specialise in Crowd Control attack. To be honest Sumire or Maria are the one who likely to get their figure treatment after Sakura considering their Popularity and i guess Maria will likely be getting one in near future. I will skip this one since 1/4 is out of my target but if there are 1/7 Figure being made, there is a good chance i will be getting it. Speaking of Sakura Taisen, i kinda procrastinate on the second game for three months already, gotta keep up i suppose.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pokemon Gashapon Machine Toy Mini Mini Gacha Poke Machine XY&Z 19th Movie Version Review

 Japan has plenty of varieties for Gashapon toys but the ones that piqued my interest the most are compatible with 1/12 Scale figure as i start collecting figmas. One of those Gashapon Toys that i bought are Pokemon themed Mini Gashapon Machine which are made by Takara Tomy. These miniature Gashapon Machine make very nice addition if you are making Game Centre themed Diorama. This particular one is from 6th Generation Pokemon based on the 19th Movie of the series.